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What sets us apart?

There is a difference in Waits Instruments products and beyond.



We want to build relationships with the musicians that use our gear.

We only put the best components in our guitars. We don't use cheap parts


Premium Components: Waits Instruments choses only the best. The last detail is scrutinized in the design to make sure everything not only is the best but works together.

Premium Finish. Our Finish is not the typical finish you find on guitars. Our finish is designed specifically for our applications. It is a hard finish that is resistant to scratching and cracks and chips. The finish is critical to any tone of any guitar. A soft finish that is easier to work with results in what we can only describe as putting a wet blanket over your guitar. The tone is hindered and the high end is cut out. Using the right finish not only protects and preserves the look of the guitar, but also can be a make or break final step in the tone of the instrument.


Our Pickups are carefully selected to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern musician. Our in house Waits Instruments llc designed pickups use only the best components, magnets, plates, bobbins and wire. Designed to be transparent with lots of tone and power, our pickups are designed for the sound of the instrument. The manufacturing process is designed for consistency in critical characteristics but also to ensure each pick up has a life of their own. Truly making each set individual for the musician that doesn’t want the same tired sound as everyone else.

Besides our in house designed pickups we have a pallet of options to choose from to give musicians the tone they need.

Bare Knuckle Pickups







Cold Sweat

These pickups come standard as uncovered but we offer various covered options as well


57/66 set chrome or black


Rocksong-TRH1 Neck

Octane TRH3 Bridge

Alnico II classics AC2 modeled after the PAF design.


We use only Tusq nuts in our Seyfert, Higgs and Opik Models. This is for superior sustain and tone

In the oort, PSI and Trimean models we use genuine bone nuts.


We use only the best switches for our guitars. These switches were selected for maximum performance and transfer of signal to keep the signal chain as true as it can be.


The Caps are paired with each pick up combination for best performance. We do not limit our selection to traditional caps. It makes it more difficult as a manufacturing process but since we want our hands on each step of the process as much as possible this does not contribute to how we decide what to use. We select Caps for each guitar based on the pickups themselves. Not the model of pickups but the actual values measured at the pickups. These values are used to select the correct Cap to use for the best tone.


From the biggest players to boutique builders you will find common pots used in most electric guitars. It wouldn’t be a Waits Instruments Guitar if we followed the same paradigms of thinking. We use Bourns Sealed Pots in our guitars. The best pots on the planet. With tolerances of up to 10%, these pots are incredible for tone and volume and do wonders for the end users creativity and playing. It seems it doesn’t matter where the switch is, what tuning you are in, or where the tone and volume controls are set at, these pots are responsive and provide the best tone possible.


We offer unique selections of wood. From Goncola Alves to Lacewood, we select woods for tone. They just happen at times to also look really amazing. We also use traditional Mahogany and Maple or Flame Maple. Even the traditional woods are selected in non-traditional ways. We hand select each piece of wood. Not only for looks but most importantly tone. We look at the grain, the moisture content, the resonance and even how the wood will line up with the grain of paired woods also selected. Making each guitar unique and premium. We have a reputation with our wood vendors as being incredibly picky and taking hours to select the perfect wood for a single guitar.

We don’t stop there with wood. We transport, store and work with our wood in highly conditioned environments to make sure that the wood is the best it can be before it even makes it into your hands as a finished product. Simply put, we go beyond the normal process in manufacturing to make sure the life blood of the instrument stays as perfect as the moment we decided it was going to be turned into something that will help create the music we all know and love.

We even have a special secret wood we use when requested that makes for the lightest true solid body wooden guitar on the market. This wood doesn’t require complex resin coating or reinforcement and as such allows the wood to create the tone. The tone of the wood itself is uniquely resonant. Waits Instruments Employees have noticed when sanding that the wood will begin to “hum” a very distinctive tone. It is an amazing thing to see and hear. This wood is strong, light and has a sound all of its own.


We have as many wood options for necks and finger boards as we do bodies. However necks are unique and need to be treated as such. Wood expands differently than metal components on the guitar. Metal expands and contracts due to temperature changes. That delta in temperature can be explained mathematically using simple physics. The same is true with wood the expansion and changes are easily explained using the simple physics. However, wood is less responsive to the delta in temperature and more responsive to the delta in humidity. This means that wood and metal yes, expand at different rates, but also in different conditions.

Our necks are designed to take changes in humidity better than any other necks on the market. The neck pock allows for expansion but also maintains proper contact with the wood on the front and back of the neck heels to ensure proper transfer of energy when the strings are plucked. This is important for tone and sustain.


We choose the best alloy for frets. This alloy allows for proper workability but also sounds amazing. The feel and tone of a neck on a Waits Instruments Guitar, is amazing and it can be felt from the profile, to the frets to the fret ends. We demand the best because todays modern musician deserves it.

LED Logo

Our unique LED illuminated logo not only looks amazing, but is engaged when the musician plugs in to the guitar. Helping them stand out with style.

However this is not the only reason for the LED cavity designed on the back of a Waits Instruments guitar. Through a process called FEA (Finite Element Analysis) the size, depth and shape of the cavity was chosen to help add sustain, resonance and tone to the instrument.

Dye/Solid Paint

We use only Aniline dyes for our figured tops in a secret proprietary process for dying our wood. These top of the line dyes are the best for wood instruments and create an amazing character to any instrument they are put on.

Our solid paint is not cheap paint by any means. We choose only the best automotive grade paint with the best pigment and color. The process to paint with this material is difficult but adds to the character, looks and yes tone of the guitar. From the primer to the paint, our materials are selected first for tone. Then we choose the colors that will help the musicians stand out. We want our solid colors to make a statement. From traditional blacks and Whites to our Solar Orange and Brandy Wine finishes we first select the material to ensure it works with the wood. Part physics part chemistry part art, the painting of our solid colored guitars ensures that the tone of the instrument is true and unique.

We don't make guitar's for any other reason than to help Today's Musicians Make Today's Music.

That is why, when you pick up one of our guitars, you will know right away what we mean when we say,